Myths and Lies are the Same Thing | Jackalyn So

Memories are everybody’s truth Lies are nobody’s truth But myths are somebody’s truth.

Myths are the philosophers, the teachers, the thinkers, the pioneers. Myths are the groundbreaking solutions, the temporary explanations of the unknown. They are Persephone in the Underworld sneaking bites of pomegranate, Demeter turning the world as icy as her resolve- the seasons. They are the building blocks where science does not cover. Myths are the simple lessons, the rights and wrongs of life. They are Sisyphus breaking the rules to bind Thanatos under his bed, and later, the boulder rolling down the hill, the eternal pain, the regret. They are ethics, a warning to the people, a lesson on doing the right thing.

Myths are created to lend a hand.

Lies are the tricksters, the scandals, the weapons and knives. Lies are the misleading, the backstabbers. They are your classmate Miranda telling your friend Jackson how you bad-mouthed him when you thought no one was listening, and she just wanted him to hate you. They are hearing Janice say she likes your earrings and later feeling her sneer through a Facebook post that says otherwise. They are the shattered remains of trust, the selfishness of self-preservation. They are telling your mother that the cat broke the vase, that you really “scraped a pass” in math when you got a 39. They are the misleaders.

Lies are created to kick you when you’re down.

Myths are the teachers of hope, the light in the dark. They are the Jamaican bobsled team who everyone hears about, how they had no funding, no allies and no means of practice. Few know these are fabrications; the rest respect them as underdogs and hope, because if they came from nothing and rose to the Olympics, you can too. They are the bringers of motivation, the fire of strength. They are the Chinese over the winter of one year decades ago, battering the cold, braving the frost, trekking across the country to create a great nation. The Long March was not as long as most know, which is why you know the hard time you’re going through will be over soon. People have survived this, so you can too. You dare to hope.

Myths create hope.

Lies are the acid of hell, the burn of betrayal, the slam of disappointment. They are a President disregarding the trend of the vanishing Arctic for his own gain, claiming global warming a hoax. They are calling his lies “alternative facts”, annihilating any remaining hope that morality is alive. They are knives sawing at humankind’s rope of integrity, conspiracy designed to spread doubt and distrust and fear- the government will not protect you. After all, they faked a moon landing. They’ve got their eyes on you all the time. They sent an astronaut to space to die. They are the things you hear that make you sigh and shake your head, because humanity is collapsing, all traces of goodness- gone.

Lies destroy hope.

Memories are everybody’s truth Lies are nobody’s truth But myths are somebody’s truth.

Sometimes, they are ours.

Style: The author reflects upon the numerous examples provided in the piece, which lends it a very thoughtful tone. The occasional shift to second person at the end of paragraphs also gives this piece a very distinct voice that adds to the credibility of the author. The one-sentenced segments serve as transition for the piece and outline the general ideas in a concise and memorable manner. Stylistically, the blended use of personification and concrete real-world examples manages to make this piece both tangible and poetic at the same time.

Review by Max:
Content - Presenting myths as optimistic and hopeful, contrasting the deceitful and relentless portrayal of lies is the general premise of this piece. Personifying myths as “teachers” and “pioneers” while lies as “tricksters” and “backstabbers” serve to ground these intangible ideas into real life embodiments, making them more relatable to the reader; while simultaneously implying that these two concepts are only alive due to the fact that humanity exists. Additionally, the writer has strong and definite things to say about these two abstractions that often times heavily juxtapose one another, as highlighted in the structure of the piece.

Organisation: This piece possess good flow throughout. Its start and end also invoke a sense of belonging and a feeling of inherent poetry. The short one sentence paragraphs help guide the reader’s train of thought in this abstract journey and help link, and directly contrast the concepts of myths and lies into self-contained bubbles of thought. Ultimately, blatantly comparing the two topics emphasises the fact that both sides are being considered equally and adds reliability and certainty to the essay’s conclusions. Personally, I found the organisation of this essay to be superb due to the mastery shown in juggling simplicity while still serving to leave a deep resonance within the reader.

Overall review by Thi To Hien
Style: The idea of using statements about memories, myths and lies is a good one (although I don’t really see the relations between memories and the two.. our past experiences?) . And, for each idea, you have a statement about Myth or Lie then, a developed paragraph about the other, in which makes it clear about the differences between Myth and Lie. Content: You have been, showing rather than telling us your points using examples, from things that may happen in real life (the example of the friends) and also, showing your understanding of the curriculum by giving various examples in different subject of 2017. This essay of yours clearly state what you think without using phrases like “I disagree with this…”. Organization: You are really good at dividing paragraphs and cutting of those that are unnecessary (an example of using a statement vs a paragraph instead of two long paragraphs). And also, you restate what you had already said at the beginning, in which shows us that you firmly believe in what you are about to write – and has written about.