2018 Social Studies | Silk Road 1.0-3.1 - The Game-Changing Black Market for Drugs

What is Silk Road 1.0-3.1? Is it a road made out of silk? (no) Is it the network of trade routes that connects Asia and Europe? (no, not in this case) Learn more about the Silk Road 1.0-3.1 in our latest Deep Dive!

Silk Road 1.0

Arrest and Trial of ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’:

Products and Income:

Silk Road 2.0 - 3.1:

Negatives of Silk Road:

Positives of Silk Road:


In a Nutshell:

Questions for further discussion:

  1. Do you agree with what Meghan Ralston said? Is it really better to deal drugs online anonymously than on the streets with gang wars?
  2. Does Ulbricht’s good intentions make the fact that it was a criminal enterprise okay?
  3. Should we have actually arrested Ulbricht just because drug dealers overran the website?
  4. Are decentralised markets good?
  5. Is it better to encourage buying drugs online (to avoid drug related violence like gang wars), even though this means drug trafficking will become harder to track?
  6. Is it ever a good idea to minimise government control on businesses (and basically making black markets OK)?
  7. When a free market turns into a crime zone, who should be responsible? The market owner or the ones making shady deals?