Preview to a World on the Margins

UPDATE: The new theme for World Scholar’s 2019 has long since been released, and we’re sure everyone had curriculum sneak-peeks at the very top of their Christmas list to Santa. Well, your wish has been delivered (albeit being a few days late)- here are our predictions for the themes and topics for the season, from our very own Scholar, Sophia!

We here at OnePwaa are very excited about the release of next year’s curriculum. So we speculated about it.

I believe that the theme of ‘A World on the Margins’ suggests a few things, centering around the theme that our world is hovering on the edge of extinction with commonly known political tensions, such as recently between China and Canada, nuclear disputes, and global warming, the world is definitely precariously balancing on the margin of a page. Our world is as close to midnight on the Doomsday Clock as it has ever been, at two minutes to midnight, the threat of our world falling off the page comes closer into view. Our world is teetering on the thin edge, the margin, of a sheet of paper, and it could go two ways, we could be about to fall back into the realms of the regular white cartridge, or plummet right off the margin into the chasms of chaos, death, and destruction.

‘A World on the Margins’ is most likely to have a theme around extinction: extinction of our world, extinction of humanity, extinction of all things as we know it. From failed peace measures to Neo-nazism groups on the rise, from new cultures taking place of old ones to the fall of religious thinking, the world can be on a margin in countless possible ways. Perhaps it could be about Science being on the brink of new discoveries, ones unlike what the world has seen before, such as the supposed genetically designed babies in China, how these advances could be seen as immoral and how the world is about to fall of the page, or if you take it the other way, the world is about to advance further than what has ever been seen on a regular sheet of paper before. If a doctor genetically designed embryos to not have HIV from HIV positive parents, then the world is not falling of a margin, however if Daniel genetically engineers embryos to take delight in digesting pineapple on pizza, then we have gone back to the world being on a margin of pure horror once again.

The margin of a page is a small, thin, unimportant section of the page which no writing ever goes into, which slips beyond the majority of our viewpoints. In this way, ‘A World on the Margins’ could possibly be slightly less dramatic than the nuclear warfare of above, and could be pointing us towards what often goes unnoticed, what slips beyond most of our viewpoints, such as micro-sized objects, or minority groups that are ignored by hegemonies, or even something as obscure as the psychology of obvious truths we tend to ignore. One thing that may or may not have slipped past most of your viewpoints and settled in the margins of your world, is how for the past few years all the themes have been ‘A(n) ___ World’, however this year it has gone back to the old previous format of ‘A World ______’, which gives us a substantial amount of evidence to presume some old things, perhaps subjects, ideas, may be repeating themselves or coming back.

A margin is the edge of a page, the limitation of what you can write, where you can go, so above all, ‘A World on the Margins’ could be referring to the extinction of our limitations, not ignoring what we previously have been ignoring, going further than you have ever gone before in every single way, how we should ignore the margins of a page, expand our mind to all possibilities and ideas that this theme could suggest, and then, perhaps there will be no margins for this world.

*Please note that this blog post is merely based on our predictions and opinions and is not an official announcement of the curriculum content of ‘A World on the Margins’. Stay tuned for our Deep Dives once the official subject outlines have been released on the WSC website and Facebook page!