Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much | Charlene Hui

Together. The planet brought us together in a world as one and we tore it apart. We tore our home apart, and we did it together.

Together. We made a mistake. We left our home, leaving a mess for our biosphere to live in.

Together. Such a dangerous concept, yet one that could have been uniting.

Together. We thought it would be better than being alone. We didn’t know that there was something so wrong with becoming one group until we were together. Together, we did too much.

The year is 205X. I am a messenger from the future; let me tell you what has happened so far. Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone united in order to “save” our planet and mourn together. That “saving” was going back to our old ways. It produced a drastic change in CO2 emissions — I sure hope you won’t make the same mistake. Together, in our past, we pushed through the Industrial Revolution. Together, we relied on factories for mass production and nonrenewable energy, which only made things worse. That’s the current state you are in.

The majority didn’t “want” to fix our planet. Although we came together, we came together too late. We continued our ways — increasing CO2 and letting sea levels rise. There wasn’t enough power though we were united and together. 

A few years later, we developed a good number of geoengineering technologies to do so, but not enough to save the planet. We continued together on a path with potholes we simply could not fill. We came together, using techniques like carbon sequestration and biochar to help reduce the effects of our carelessness. These were fairly effective in reducing climate change, but not enough to end it. 

So together, we decided to stop. We needed another plan.

Together, everyone pushed for space, for exploration. It was the United Second Space Race, as I like to call it. Governments worldwide poured all their funding into extraterrestrial research. They pushed for a new home and found one, only to prioritize sending the wealthy and middle-class there. It was pure ignorance and neglect; a refusal to solve the very same problem you face right now. 

Fast forward to my present, and everyone has either left to the new world or succumbed to a variety of diseases. Earth has become an incubator — a perfect home for mutated strains of corona, influenza, and other viruses. Countless other species have died, more than we could keep track of. 

If you act now, you can save the lives of everyone and everything you hold dear. 

There is still time to change the future. Use the time you still have to advocate, research and even practice geoengineering and sustainability. Together, you must strive to save Mother Nature by all means necessary, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem. You must not resort to abandoning the planet as we have.

Together. A word that means “as one”. A word that can bring restoration.

Together. The planet brought us together in a world as one. You can repair it. You can make our home a home again, and you have to do it together.

Together. You must not make the same mistakes as we have.

Together. Don’t make it a dangerous concept, but instead one that unites for the better.

Together, we can do so much.