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OnePwaa is an international nonprofit organisation ensuring that the World Scholar's Cup community has access to resources and services that benefit individuals within the community. We do this by lowering scholars’ barriers of entry to the concept and practice of collaborative learning or education, including but not limited to scholarship programs, debate camps, and online guides. We offer these services to individuals and organizations inside and outside the WSC community—regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation--undoubtedly committed to reducing systemic disadvantages in education.

The World Scholars Club

World Scholar's Club is another WSC organisation that's all about community. Inspired by the community that World Scholar's Cup creates, Lexi Prichard wanted to create a space for scholars from around the world to connect, learn, and make friends - even if they aren't at a round together.  Founded in 2017, and now run by the OnePwaa scholars. World Scholar's Club is here for you to study, learn, and meet others! Featuring many bite sized analyses of the curriculum, we aim to provide scholars around the world with the chance to grow and learn as a community. Follow the @worldscholarsclub on Instagram.

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